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James Bart

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Opasek Al Neri

Kožený opasek Al Neri.
€0.00 €76.00

Opasek Santino

Kožený opasek Santino.
€0.00 €76.00

Opasek Tessio

Kožený opasek Tessio.
€0.00 €76.00

Opasek Vito

Kožený opasek Vito.
€0.00 €76.00

Derby Santino

Santino is a model of derby type and thus with an open lace. Derby cut is usually more convenient for individuals with a higher instep. Moreover, thanks to the chosen color and wingtip brogování it is a leisure model.
€0.00 €266.00

Oxford Al Neri

Al Neri are black cap toe oxfords, that means closed laces and double stitching at the tip. This is a classic timeless look, the ultimate business shoe with leather sole.
€0.00 €247.00

Oxford Tessio

Tessio are brown cap toe oxfords, that means closed lacing and quilting at the tip. This model with leather sole is the perfect choice where it is possible that you are serious and professional, but the environment is not limited to black shoes. They are classic but versatile.
€0.00 €247.00

Oxford Wholecut Vito

Wholecut Vito are Oxfords with closed lace, leather sole, made of one solid piece of leather, seamed only at the heel. Wholecut models are sought after for their minimalist, clean look that attracts attention without asking for it.
€0.00 €247.00

Sada ochranných prostředků na obuv

V ceně kartáč a krém na obuv se včelím voskem.
€0.00 €19.00