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White cotton shirt

White cotton sleeveless lace edged scalloped shirt
0,00 Kč 6 000,00 Kč

White blouse with a frill

0,00 Kč 4 800,00 Kč

White silk skirt

White silk circle skirt.
0,00 Kč 6 600,00 Kč

Bílá půlvesta s krajkou

0,00 Kč 7 800,00 Kč

White jersey skirt

White jersey skirt
0,00 Kč 1 800,00 Kč

White wedding skirt

A satin white wedding skirt featured with in-seam pockets. Pictured with a white shirt makes it an unconventional wedding combination
0,00 Kč 7 800,00 Kč

White layered chiffon skirt

White layered chiffon skirt pictured with a beaded wedding top or a casual white shirt. Putting a rabbit fur waist belt is also a refreshing option
0,00 Kč 6 600,00 Kč

Casual cotton dress

The simple cotton white dress is easily combined with flamboyant accessories
0,00 Kč 5 400,00 Kč

White sequin dress

White sequin bustier knee-lenght dress
0,00 Kč 15 600,00 Kč