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Beige silk dress with ostrich fringe

Beige silk dress with ostrich fringe trim, in- seam pockets and button closing
0,00 Kč 8 100,00 Kč

White jersey skirt

White jersey skirt
0,00 Kč 1 500,00 Kč

White sequin dress

White sequin bustier knee-lenght dress
0,00 Kč 13 000,00 Kč

White jersey leggins

White jersey leggins
0,00 Kč 1 500,00 Kč

White jersey turtleneck

White jersey turtleneck, you can opt for various materials and colors (if custom made)
0,00 Kč 1 500,00 Kč

Black silk dress

Black silk gathered dress with a silk ostrich fringe trim scarf
0,00 Kč 6 500,00 Kč

Leopard print silk dress

Long leopard print silk dress, cowl neckline, slit
0,00 Kč 9 100,00 Kč

Silk top

Silk spaghetti straps top
0,00 Kč 1 700,00 Kč

Cashmere winter coat

Moss green cashmere wrap-around belt winter coat, with a detachable ostrich fringe and in-seam pockets
0,00 Kč 19 500,00 Kč